Different types of Building Materials to build your house

Different types of building materials have been used by man for construction purposes ever since the need for shelter has arisen. Right from the earlier days’ man has used various types of materials to build homes and those products are used even today in many parts of the world.

There are basically two types of building materials which are classified as natural and synthetic materials. The natural materials include stone, rock, mud, clay and so forth. The synthetic or man made materials include plastic, glass, PVC and so forth.

Understanding the Different Types of Building Materials

The most natural type of building materials includes mud, clay and sod which were used by our ancestors’ long time ago. These materials are used even today to build roofs and walls of homes and buildings. Most of the people choose materials according to the climatic conditions of a particular place. People living in northern areas choose to live in Igloos made of ice. The ice hotels in such areas are considered one of the best tourist attractions.

Wood is another type of natural material that is used often for constructing homes and other types of structures. It is apt for all climatic conditions. Large structures are also built with the use of woods.

Another natural material used for construction purpose is rock. History has witnessed the use of rock as building materials in many of the historical buildings and edifices. Though many structures and homes are built using rocks, it has its own drawbacks. One of the greatest drawbacks is its energy density; it fails to keep homes warm during winter seasons. However it is the strongest materials used for construction purposes.

The synthetic type of building materials include concrete, steel, glass and so forth. The use of concrete for construction purpose is quite popular these days as the structures built of concrete tend to be strong and long lasting. Concrete is used along with cement and steel rods to build structures. Concrete structures which include bridges, building and homes are quite a common sight.

Most of the modern architectural buildings are constructed with the use of glass. Ever since then glass has also been categorised as one among the building materials.

The use of metal for constructing huge structures is quite common these days. Metallic skyscrapers are quite a fascinating sight. Metals like steel, chrome, silver and gold are also used as building materials. Industries and corporate buildings are constructed using metals and it requires huge amount of labor. Compared to other materials, it is more expensive.

Plastic is one of the most important building products and it is used in the form of pipes and sanitary fixtures. Known for its unique qualities like heat resistance, durability and hardness, PVC pipes are used in most of the homes, offices and other structures.

Other products used for construction purposes include doors, windows, dresser and so forth which are essential for building purposes. All these materials and products can be bought from the online stores at reasonable rates.


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